Thursday, 10 June 2010


New blog. Been following the 'fat fashion' thing for a while now, thought I'd contribute my various pounds to the collective.
Both of these polka-dot and floral dresses are available on ASOS Curve for £28.00 apiece. They are bold and gorgeous and I love them. The only problem is that they aren't exactly in my price range; but I think for something bright for the peak of the summer weather at a barbeque or picnic this is a lovely thing to wear.
I'd love to wear some bright metallic eyeshadow with these, and some bold acrylic jewellery, but keep the rest of the outfit simple. Also they feel a little retro to me, with the colours especially, the floral print is using the exact right kinds of blue and lilac. So lovely.

When I found out about ASOS Curve I freaked out and busted a proverbial nut (because of the following ASOS has with the 'normal' market); though their sizes are the petite and 'normal' range simply sized up, they work for a lot of people, and those who I've seen wearing these look absolutely stunning in them. Something interesting I've noticed - if you follow through the links for each dress you'll see that these have elastic waists regardless of the size selected, (something considered frumpy to a lot of people, but also neccessary if a garment is to have a shape which isn't blocky and makes you end up looking like some kind of polygon character model from a Final Fantasy game circa '97) which means that these will fit nicely on you and still have that nice feminine fabric that flounces and all that nice shit around you instead of being like jersey, which is clingy and sticks to you and makes you feel really conscious of the fact that you may as well be nude around others.
That was a long sentence.

Also, the blog name is just the product of me googling for a synonym of fat and picking the nicest word I could find. The exact definition?
sufficiently fat so as to have a pleasing fullness of figure.

"Pleasing fullness of figure" is a great phrase. More people should be pleased with fullness of figure.

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