Thursday, 7 July 2011


Oops. Apparently I've not updated this in a year because I decided that I wasn't very good at blogging. Then I realised that not being good at something hasn't stopped me from doing it regardless in the past. So I'm back. Starting off with this outfit which I recently brought for a birthday thing that's gonna be happening later this month.


Cool print, lovely cut and a nice neckline which I'm hoping and praying won't come down too low when I sit down. Though I expect as per usual it's nothing I can't fix with a safety pin and some patience. I saw a dress on Etsy with a very similar design but it was up to and over $100 USD and I certainly don't have the budget for something like that. These items, and others purchased but not pictured, cost a lot less than $100! I'm pretty sure now is the best time to go and get something since the high summer sales have either started or are in their prime. Also, don't forget to sign up to newsletters even if you think deliberately filling your mail account with corporate babble isn't the best idea - what you'll find is a lot of places send discount vouchers pretty much weekly to encourage you to make a purchase. Trawl through your inbox before you go e-shopping and you might be pleasantly surprised to find all that shite is slightly more worthwhile than it looks! For example, I brought all this stuff as they began their high summer sales, but also found out that Evans were doing a 15% off deal (on top of their sale prices).

I'm excited about wearing pastels since a lot of the clothing I own is in dark or bold colours (which is actually usual of most high street plus size clothing for some strange reason). I guess when it all arrives I'll try and do an outfit post!